A simple yet effective way to monitor your Docker servers

WOLPHIN is an attempt at bootstrapping existing Open Source solutions to offer an unified platform for collecting both data and metrics from Docker platforms, single hosts or clusters, monitor them and extract a custom billing report, applying your valorisation rules to your customers consumptions.

An effort at leveraging current OSS solutions deployment

Containers ecosystem is rich of many mature and / or innovative solutions regarding data collection and monitoring, but adapting them to your environment may reveal tedious, while combining them to cover more features or more precise ones may just be of too complicated or time consuming.

Focused on providing an extensible, modular and easy approach to the Docker containers resources reporting and management, Wolphin is based on a system of configuration layers which provides different level of abstractions, enabling different stakeholders to customize the solution stack in regards of their needs and technical affinities.

Being a collaborative effort between both industrial and academic french partners, Wolphin distinguish itself from other projects by an absolute no vendor locking effort. As is, most of the results are published as upstream pull requests to their respective projects.

By the end of 2017, contributions were submitted and accepted to ContainerD and Linuxkit project, with potential patchs to the Linux kernel upcoming in 2018.

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